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The timeless elegance of stone has been used by man to enhance his surroundings since the dawn of civilisation, and today, man still relies upon it's natural warmth and versatility to create harmonious settings both in residential and commercial environments.


Quarried stone however, does have it's drawbacks, Internal faultings and fissures are not always recognisable, and it's prone to lamination and decay.


To overcome these natural failings, the David Sharp Studio have developed a system whereby any architectural design in stone can be reconstructed using the most modern processes yet retaining the dignity and elegance of the natural counterpart, at a fraction of the cost of carved stone.


The David Sharp Studio have worked with discerning designers and customers the world over and the method of "dry hand casting", for which this studio is renowned, is unique.

Whether you are restoring an historic structure or planning a new building, our studio offers more than 1000 designs for interior and exterior use. Selections can be custom-made, or supplied from our extensive stock.

The stone is available in four different finishes, Portland, Bath, Cotswold and Terracotta.


With the support and technical expertise of the artists and craftsman employed bt the studio, most things are attainable, advice and support is freely available. From a "one-off" intricate piece of statuary to ballustrading - the same skill and expertise is empoyed throughtout.


Architects, Designers and Contractors ensure their customers get the best quality dry hand castings available by specifying our Studios, and we are proud that our work has enhanced the architectural beauty of homes and commercial developments both in England and throughout the world.

Please browse through our portfolio and feel free to call us if you feel we can be of any further assistance.


David Sharp
Artist Sculptor

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