Vases, Urns and Planters

Throughout history, Vases, Urns and Planters together with Statuary have been the most important free-standing garden ornaments.  Utilised correctly, they can be used most effectively to define the spaces in any garden, they provide the means to extend the planting area to patios, courtyards and other paved areas, they can be used extremely effectively in [...]

Classical Statuary

Sculpture may be used to create a theme and focal point in the garden and it is out of doors that statuary really becomes alive.  It’s form reacting constantly to changing light, mood and season.  Statuary provides a harmony of form, materials and design, stimulating the visual senses, whilst retaining an intimacy with the natural [...]


Elegant, practical and pleasing to the eye, balustrade can be used in many different ways in the landscape. Changes of level offer endless opportunities for its use in conjunction with steps.  Boundaries too, benefit from Balustrade clean lines and it can be used with great effect to break the visual line of a garden, creating [...]


PORTICO Porticos have an important part to play in any landscaping or Architectural building scheme for the Portico provides first impression the visitor receives when arriving at the house.  Porticos were designed for both aesthetic and practical purposes; The David Sharp Studio Porticos adds a distinctive feature to a house by presenting an impressive facade [...]

Temples and Pavilions

One major feature of garden ornamentation that is enjoying a resurgence of interest is the Classical Temple and Pavilion.  Towards the end of the last century it was not uncommon to see one of these graceful structures, but their popularity declined and it is not until recently, with the revival of Classical Architecture that classical [...]

The David Sharp Studio at Belvoir Castle Artpark

Belvoir Castle is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland and their young family.  Belvoir is superbly situated on an escarpment overlooking the Vale of Belvoir.  The Castle has many stunning staterooms containing notable pictures, tapestries and fine furniture.  Inside the castle the Stewards Restaurant offers a wide range of refreshments in addition [...]

Welcome to The David Sharp Studio

The David Sharp Studio is not a collection of random pieces but a carefully chosen and designed group of fine Classical Architectural Stone and Classical Ornamental Stone works that result in the smooth Classical style that is uniquely The David Sharp Studio. Classical Garden Ornament’s, Garden Fountains, Pool Surrounds, Garden Statuary including Bronze and Marble [...]

Bronze Commission

  As well as The David Sharp Studio’s vast range of standard Classical Garden Ornaments which include Statuary, Urns, Vases, Planters, Pedestals, Plinths, Fountains and Pool surrounds in Cast Stone, Marble and Bronze, we undertake custom work and special commissions, an example of which is shown here, A private client commissioned The David Sharp Studio [...]