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Porticos have an important part to play in any landscaping or Architectural building scheme for the Portico provides first impression the visitor receives when arriving at the house.

Porticos were designed for both aesthetic and practical purposes; The David Sharp Studio Porticos adds a distinctive feature to a house by presenting an impressive facade to what could otherwise be a relatively drab entrance.

The David Sharp Studio stone Portico serve as shelter from the elements and can be referred to as a Grand entranceway, Door Surround or Porch.

The David Sharp offers a bespoke design service for our Porticos, Entranceways, Door Surrounds or Entrance Porch using The David Sharp Studio standard architectural components, such as Columns, Pilasters, Cornices, Architrave frieze and Entablatures.

Any Specific customer requirements for a Portico or Grand Entrance can easily be accommodated and the grace and elegance of a well designed Portico will enhance and beautify any property.

The David Sharp Studio Porticos are available in all of the classical orders of architecture.

The Corinthian order Portico is the most ornate of our Porticos and is characterised by it fluted columns and elaborate capitals which are richly decorated with acanthus leaves and volutes supporting the abacus which has a flower on each of its curved face. The Corinthian Portico's Entablature is ornately decorated with egg and dart bead and reels on the frieze a dentil cornice.

The Ionic order Portico is perhaps the most elegant of our Porticos. It has fluted columns and is characterised by the volutes on the capital which is further enriched with an egg and dart feature.

The Doric Order Portico

The Tuscan Portico

The Gothic Portico

The Ascot Portico.

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Grosvenor Pedestal

Grosvenor (Cartouche) Pedestal

Grosvenor Pedestal shown with Bronze Golden Eagle, please see our Bronze Statuary for more details

Stone Pedestal Height 1620 mm

Stone Pedestal Width 660 mm

Classical Restoration of The Regal Cinema

The David Sharp Studio has recently completed a commission to create custom patterns, moulds and Classical stone for the Ionic Capitals, Window Entablature, Console brackets and various other Architectural Ornaments for the restoration of the Façade of the Regal Cinema Tenbury.

With the support and technical expertise of the artists and ...

Classical Restoration of The Regal Cinema