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Garden Statuary
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Garden Statuary
The Sculptor David Sharp, in Pursuit of excellence in his work is pleased to present his museum range of Garden Statuary incorporating some of the most recognised and Exalted pieces of Sculpture in the History of the World's Art.

Painstakingly researched, and by negotiations with the major Museums such as the Louvre in Paris, Musco Nazionale del Bargello in Florence and the Musei Vaticani in Rome, the works of Sculptors such as Giambologna, Jocopo Sansovina and Bernini, to name but a few of the Masters are skillfully created by the Sculptors at The David Sharp Studios. Such classics as "The Rape of the Sabines" statue is available in both Castcarrara Marble and Bronze. Mercury The messenger of the Gods is available in Bronze and Spinario, the Boy the the Thorn is available in both Bronze and Marble.

The David Sharp Studio's Museum Range of Classical Statues at present number some 20 Busts and Sculptures created in both Castcarrara Marble and Bronze with other in the process of development in the Studios.

David intense interest in Classical Art History is exemplified by the lengths to which each of the Sculptures has been researched with an intimate knowledge of the materials and methods of traditional sculpture.

David also has a thorough understanding of the influences and energy generated in the sculpture by their original masters. this exceptional experience of traditional and contemporary devices ensures that the individual quality of each Statue faithfully emulates the styles and personal mark of the original artist.

The Museum Range of Classical Garden Statues are created in Castcarrara Marble and Bronze ,and the degree of craftmanship and artistic commitment necessitates that some of the Statues are not normally drawn from stock and may involve individual commissions, individual Garden Statues are numbered and certificates of authenticity are issued.

In terms of value Our Museum range of Classical Garden Statues may be deemed an extremely worthwhile investment - similar Statues fetch high prices at the major auction houses.

David's mission as a Sculptor is to make his Sculpture and in particular our museum range of Garden Statues assessable to all.

Ownership of one of The David Sharp Studio's Garden Statues will bring considerable prestige and pleasure to any interior or exterior scheme and a memorable legacy for generations to come.
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Grosvenor (Cartouche) Pedestal

Grosvenor Pedestal shown with Bronze Golden Eagle, please see our Bronze Statuary for more details

Stone Pedestal Height 1620 mm

Stone Pedestal Width 660 mm

Classical Restoration of The Regal Cinema

The David Sharp Studio has recently completed a commission to create custom patterns, moulds and Classical stone for the Ionic Capitals, Window Entablature, Console brackets and various other Architectural Ornaments for the restoration of the Façade of the Regal Cinema Tenbury.

With the support and technical expertise of the artists and ...

Classical Restoration of The Regal Cinema