Belvoir Castle Artpark

The Castle is the home of the Duke & Duchess of Rutland and their young family.


Belvoir is superbly situated on an escarpment overlooking the Vale of Belvoir and surrounding countryside. The Castle has many stunning staterooms containing notable pictures, tapestries and fine furniture. Inside the Castle the Stewards Restaurant offers a wide range of refreshments in addition to which there is a Gift Shop.

The stunning Rose & Statue Gardens at the Belvoir Castle is enhanced with the establishment of an Artpark.  The chosen pieces are set amongst some of the Castles beautiful 16th century statues by Caius Cibber.

belvoir castle artpark vermeer garden fountain by The David Sharp Studio
david sharp studio stone diana bust belvoir castle

The range includes classical recreations in Castcarrara Marble, bronze & stone. The pieces have been chosen by the Duke & Duchess of Rutland together with David Sharp, to create an exciting & inspiring range of artworks set within an historic garden..

Belvoir Castle Artpark is largely concentrating on figurative and classical sculptures. The location has been chosen because of it’s spectacular surroundings and the intimacy and delights of it’s established gardens.

All items in the David Sharp Studio catalogue can be purchased from the Duke & Duchess of Rutland at Belvoir Castle, as well as selected outlets throughout the world and of course direct from The David Sharp Studio.

belvoir castle artpark stone Laocoon Bust by The David Sharp Studio
david sharp studio stone staues laocoon bust