Apollo Belvedere Lifesize Marble Garden Statue

£10,800.00 + VAT

The David Sharp Studio’s Marble Garden Statue of Apollo Belvedere shows the Garden Statue in the pose of an archer.
The Apollo Marble Garden Statue is tall and athletic with his long curly hair tied at the crown and falling in ringlets down the statue’s neck.

The Garden Statues carries a quiver over his shoulder and is nude except for his robe and sandals.


The Apollo Belvedere Marble Garden Statue first recorded in the Vatican in 1509 where it stands today in the Musei Vaticani (Belvedere Courtyard)

The Apollo Belvedere Marble Garden Statue stands 2.2m high and looks impressive when displayed on our Marble Sabines Pedestal. The Apollo Belvedere Marble Garden Statue is also available as a Bronze Statue.


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