Laocoon Stone Bust Exclusively by The David Sharp Studio

Antiqued Bust Laocoon

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Antiqued Bust Laocoon by the David Sharp Studio


The David Sharp Studio’s Classical Antiqued Stone Bust of Laocoon shows the Statue in an agonizing pose as he tries to save his sons and himself from the deadly sea serpents.

Laocoon was a Trojan priest who tried in vain to warn his fellow Trojans against accepting the wooden Horse from the Greeks. It was Laocoon who warned “Beware of Greeks bearing Gifts,” before throwing a spear at the horse to prove it was hollow.

Athena the Greek goddess of war, angered by Laocoon’s actions, sent two giant sea Serpents to kill him and his two son.

The David Sharp Studio’s Laocoon Classical Bust stands 850 mm high and is shown at its best on our Fluted Knightsbridge Pedestal.

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