Four Seasons Autumn Garden Statue

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The beautiful Autumn Statue is shown holding a cluster of freshly harvested Grapes. The Stone Statue wears a flowing gown which is draped over her right shoulder. The elegant Autumn Statue can create a stunning focal point in the garden when placed on our Marlborough pedestal which is sold separately and available in our stone pedestal section.


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Stone Colour Examples:


Autumn, one of the Four Seasons Statues which represents the traditional temperate season. The Sculptures differ from each other in that each Statue is shown with a traditional icon of the depicted season.


The Four Seasons Range of Statues are approximately 1220mm (48″) in height.
The Marlborough P1 Pedestal (sold separately) stands at 625mm (24 3/4″) by 465mm x 465mm wide giving a overall height of 1840mm (72 1/2″)

Statue Weight: 118kg
Pedestal Weight:108kg

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Weight 118 kg


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